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What to Post on Someone’s Birthday


Somebody’s birthday is a chance to intrigue or exhausting and, in case you’re posting or remarking on an online networking where everybody can see what you’ve composed, everybody will know. Don’t simply post a non specific “upbeat birthday” message when you can accomplish more! Thought of a birthday wish that is enjoyable. Utilize these to compose something to a companion on his or her birthday:

  • I know you are more seasoned today, yet you don’t look any more seasoned… in any event not in your profile picture.
  • How about we make your Facebook divider into a BIRTHDAY PARTY!
  • Aren’t you excessively old now, making it impossible to have a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account?
  • You’re my most loved companion who was conceived today.
  • Companion’s birthdays are awesome on the grounds that they incorporate all the enjoyment of festivity with no of the maturing.
  • You’re only the ideal age to be my companion.
  • I’m happy despite everything you’re not very old to have birthdays. I became out of them years back.
  • The immense thing about having a companion like you is that you get more established with me.
  • I’m anticipating another entire year of companionship with somebody precisely your age.
  • You’re still the ideal age to be my Facebook companion and genuine companion.
  • Cheerful birthday to one of the coolest individuals I know, who just gets cooler with age.
  • I’m happy you’re getting more established. I wouldn’t have any desire to have companions who are excessively youthful for me.
  • I’m happy you were conceived. You’re stand-out. They unquestionably thought outside the box after you.
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  • Every birthday is a count check showed as another wrinkle all over. Glad birthday!
  • It’s stunning you’ve experienced this long, so I’ll simply say glad birthday and congrats!
  • Facebook needs me, as your companion, to break some terrible news to you. I’m sad, however, you’ve turned out to be excessively old for Facebook. Hello, in any event despite everything you have your MySpace account.
  • This is your cheerful birthday wish. Try not to expect a birthday card, and you can disregard getting a present.
  • Cheerful birthday, from your most loved Facebook companion.
  • I’m happy it’s you getting more established today, and not me.
  • I know it’s not your to start with, and I trust it’s not your last, but rather I am longing that today is an exceptional birthday for you.
  • someone special wish for birthday
  • Glad birthday to a companion who just shows signs of improvement with age.
  • Here’s to becoming more established, however never growing up.
  • I’ll eat some cake to pay tribute to you today.
  • Upbeat birthday from a genuine companion who posts on your divider on days other than simply your birthday!
  • Kindly don’t react to this birthday wish today, since I need you to accomplish something fun other than Facebook.
  • It’s the ideal opportunity for your Facebook party! Gone ahead everyone, how about we explore this divider with birthday wishes!
  • Did your children help you set up this Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account? Am I kind of astonished somebody your age wouldn’t even now be utilizing MySpace/Facebook?
  • I would wish you cheerful birthday on Google+, yet then I recollected that you aren’t sufficiently cool for Google+.
  • The one thing that Facebook parties more often than not need is a decent tasting cake.
  • It’s most likely a considerable measure more secure to wish you a cheerful birthday on Facebook than face to
  • It’s most likely a considerable measure more secure to wish you a cheerful birthday on Facebook than face to face since the quantity of candles on your cake is certain to make a fire danger.

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